About Barkuna Capital

About Us

At Barkuna, we are very selective with who we work with – we are entrepreneur first, company second, and industry third. This means we first need to believe in the entrepreneur’s passion and ability to execute on their vision.

Second we need to believe that that vision translates into a viable business plan and the entrepreneur has the team around them to realize said business plan.

Lastly, we want to be sure the industry sufficient momentum to help us to achieve our goals – in other words, we don’t want to row against the tide. If an opportunity meets our stringent criteria then we are off to the races.

Our Commitment

Our experience working throughout multiple verticals gives us the edge, the knowledge and foresight to guide your success. Our dynamic structure allows us the flexibility to work between financial advice, business plans, or raising funds for your entrepreneurial venture.

Your vision becomes our vision as we partner with you, taking your innovative ideas and making them a reality.