The Team

Barkuna Capital Team

Christopher Fenn

Founder & Managing Partner

Christopher Fenn is the Founder and Managing Partner of Barkuna Capital. Prior to founding Barkuna, Fenn has had an eclectic career which included stints in finance, operations, and ranching.

His career began in investment banking in Vancouver, British Columbia. There he focused on a variety of deals ranging from technology to oil and gas. From there he moved over to his family’s office where he dove into an operations role for a number of their portfolio companies. This included a stint of close to a year where Fenn co-managed Firlands Ranch and its cattle operations. This diverse experience gives Fenn a unique perspective, which many in finance cannot offer.

From there, Fenn partnered up and co-founded a merchant bank before going off on his own and starting Barkuna Capital. He sits on boards both public and private and has overseen a number of go public transactions for a variety of his current and former portfolio companies. Fenn gives back to the community as much as he can both financially and by volunteering his time. He maintains a passion for the outdoors and when not at the office, he can likely be found back at Firlands Ranch.

Reece Torode


Reece Torode has been an entrepreneur his entire life. Growing up in a family of real estate titans – with development history that can be traced back to the days of the Vikings under the name Thorrald – Torode has been cutting his teeth in the world of business since a young age. As a young teenager, Torode managed a virtual “parking monopoly” around the Saddledome and Stampede grounds in Calgary, Canada, generating returns 200% higher than what industry experts thought was possible.

In his adult life, Torode has spent 13 years syndicating more than $180M in real estate transactions and has overseen development of 1MM square feet from greenfield to completion in both commercial and multifamily sectors. In 2016, Torode founded Impowered, an electricity retailer and competitor to Calgary-based Enmax to provide customers with an alternate energy provider. Impowered gives back to the community by planting a tree every time a customer pay’s their bill. He currently maintains the role of president with Impowered.

Torode has always pursued investments with cash flow – in fact he’s even coined the phrase “Cash is king but cash flow is King Kong”. Consistent with that, in 2017 Torode Cofounded Crescendo Royalty Corp, a fund created to acquire music streaming rights across a variety of genres. Their initial portfolio included hit songs like “Dare (la la)” by global super star Shakira and “Blame it (On the Alcohol)” by Jamie Foxx, among many other. In 2019 Crescendo began discussions with asset management giant ICM to take this fund global and in 2020 ICM Crescendo Music Royalty Fund was created. The fund’s goal is to have $100MM under management by the end of 2021. Torode serves as a partner on the fund.

To Barkuna, Torode brings his wealth of experience a wealth of experience in long term recurring revenue streams that require low capital maintenance.

When not pursuing cash flow, Reece can be found spending time with his wife and daughter, enjoying a glass of wine, or playing chess with his business partner Chris.